Bartlomiej Kurela Bartlomiej Kurela

About Me

Born and raised in Krakow, Poland, Bartlomiej Kurela found his passion for the arts at an early age. By the time his family
moved to Chicago in 2002, he had already experienced working in stage acting, modeling, playing oboe at the Music School in Krakow, and even playing with a professional Polish soccer team. In 2007, Bartlomiej decided to further pursue his interest in acting and attended the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA). He had the opportunity not only to learn in the classroom but also worked for the association gaining experience assisting with IMTA conventions, organizing fashion shows, training runway models, as well as conducting workshops for R.E.M.
Taking his modeling interest to the next level, Bartlomiej enrolled with HOP Modeling Agency where he had the chance to work with some amazing talent and attended and judged conventions like Pro Scout, Launch, and a Polish talent show, Revia Talentów. It was there that he found his true passion: photography. He enrolled at Wright College and specialized in black and white and digital photography. Employing his knack for creative experimentation, he was recognized by a professor for his unique vision of photography and graduated with his Associates of Arts in Photography in 2010. He has collaborated with the Polish News, like Fakty Chicago, doing photo journalism. All too familiar with the nuances of the local industry, Bartlomiej decided to branch out on his own to form his own photography business in order to highlight the hidden talent within Chicago and the surrounding vicinity. 

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